Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey

Get cooperation. Boost your kids' brain-power and confidence. Give your kids the tools for success in today's complicated world!

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Would you like a more peaceful home?

Would you like to have a handle on screen time and know how it can be GOOD for your kids?

Do you want a better relationship with one or more of your kids?

Would you like to feel competent and confident at guiding your kids through challenges?

Do you want to feel less stressed and have more life balance?

Do you want to feel confident that your kids will have the skills they need to become successful adults in today's complicated, competitive world?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

the Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey is for you!

Through the Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey you will receive:

4 modules of short video lessons and action steps

Six online group coaching sessions with Trish Wilkinson
The first group session is on May 25, 2022

Ongoing support in the Brain Stages Parenting private Facebook group

Your Instructor

Patricia (Trish) Wilkinson
Patricia (Trish) Wilkinson

Hi, I’m Patricia Wilkinson, coauthor of Brain Stages: How to Raise Smart, Confident Kids and Have Fun Doing It. I’m also the mother of two, and I taught grades kindergarten through sixth for 23 years. By the time my husband and I had our own family, I'd worked with kids for 14 years and figured raising children would be a breeze. Ha! How naïve can you get?

Few parenting journeys are easy, but in addition to the “regular” issues that come up while raising kids, our children had challenges. We had to get creative to support them in growing into successful adults.

Through tons of study, experts’ advice, and trial and error, I found key communication strategies and care practices that boost kids’ brain development and influence the people they become. These tools can even help kids who have experienced trauma.

My Bachelor of Arts degree in recreation from California State University, Long Beach and graduate work at Cal States, Los Angeles and Chico to earn a teaching credential and Language Development Specialist certification were a great start. The real wins came through raising and educating kids in the spirit of fun—troubleshooting, searching for resources, and trying new things.

Jacqueline Frischknecht, PhD contributed her extensive study of how brains develop, function, and learn to Brain Stages. Sadly, she passed away before we finished writing the book, so I continue to pore over brain research as it's published (I’ve become a total science nerd). I've learned why the tools I used at home and in the classroom were so effective. Jackie would be so pleased.

Now I share these tried-and-true tools, backed by research, with parents, caregivers, and educators to help kids grow into the smart, confident, successful humans they deserve to become—even in our complicated, competitive world.

For free resources and brain-boosting games to play with kids, visit

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“The Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey offers easy and concise tools and techniques to empower parents and children. The lessons are simple and easy to use and yet extensive in their reach. This course helps parents and children of all ages and abilities to better understand how their brains work and become better communicators as they learn and play together.”

- Alisha Capson, mother of eight

Discover the How-To's in 6 weeks
from authors Trish Wilkinson and Jackie Frischknecht, PhD

Make FUN, CONNECTION, and TEAMWORK your new normal.

Find out how to make screen time good for your kids.

Build your kids' confidence and competence.

Enjoy COOPERATION and PEACEFUL CONVERSATIONS that you didn't know were possible.

BOOST YOUR KIDS' BRAIN POWER with just small shifts in routine.

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“I work with kids and parents in my profession, yet I still learned so many useful tools! If you want better relationships with the kids in your life and help them to be all they can be, take the Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey! It’s set up in such a practical way, in short lessons that build on one another. It’s easy to do, and you won’t believe the difference it will make in your life!”

- Susan Cradduck, mother of 3, licensed educational psychologist

You'll learn how to:

•REBOOT your brain when you get stressed, so you can respond instead of react.

•RELATE to communicate — small shifts in conversation that will make your kids want to cooperate.

•And RESET ROUTINES — little tweaks in daily habits that literally boost kids' brain power. No kidding!


•In just 4 modules of short video lessons and action steps, you'll see immediate results, from the first video, and transform your family within 6 weeks. (value $450)

•You'll get your questions answered, troubleshoot situations, and practice the tools you're learning in six online group coaching sessions. Our first group session will be on May 25, 2022.** (value $600)

•You'll get ongoing support in the Brain Stages Parenting private Facebook group.**

•You'll see guest speakers who will give you exclusive insights and how-tos — examples: neurologist, pediatrician, psychologist, family finance pro, life-balance coach, and more (value up to $2000)

•We'll celebrate your accomplishment, and you'll get a certificate of completion when you finish your journey.

**You receive information and links during the first session of the course.

BONUS: You'll get a FREE, full-length PDF of Brain Stages: How to Raise Smart, Confident Kids and Have Fun Doing It by Trish Wilkinson and Jackie Frischknecht (ebook retails for $7.99 - value, priceless)

BONUS: You'll have lots of chances to win prizes in our Brain Stages Parenting private Facebook group. [Examples: signed print copy of Brain Stages ($20 value), brain-boosting "Treasure Box" ($20 value), one-on-one parenting consultation with Trish Wilkinson, founder of Brain Stages Parenting ($125 value), Parenting Kindly Parenting Tools ($10 to $30 value), and more!

Total Value $3,125 for only $397!

"Thank you, Trish, for sharing your easy, and super effective, reboot-relate-reset strategy! It transformed the way we respond to our kids in EVERY situation (no more yelling, bickering, or overreacting). Since boosting brainpower is one of my favorite things, completing your course was the perfect fit teaching us loads of practical ways to implement it into our daily lives.

And we LOVE your GREATEST BRAIN HACK EVER! It changed our daily routine forever and helps us every single day to think better, learn better AND sleep better! All parents need to learn at least that one.

Your short videos are fun and easy to watch and implementation is a no-brainer using your practical worksheets.

You go above and beyond with your coaching calls included in the course and I would urge any parent to take the leap TODAY and invest in their own Parent Empowerment Journey. And there’s no better starting point to ensure success, than this comprehensive course!"

- Dr. Estie Alessandrini

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You may embark on your Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey at any time. Complete the program in as little as six weeks and as many as six months. Choose the pace that works best for you and your family. Your tuition includes six weekly group coaching sessions. All kids are different, so these group coaching sessions are designed to troubleshoot situations as well as practice the tools you're learning with other parents. If you have to miss a session, you can watch the recording and set up a make-up session when you can attend. You also get to join us for monthly, fascinating, super helpful guest speakers' presentations for six months. Once you complete the video lessons and attend your six group coaching sessions, you'll be acknowledged in our private Brain Stages Parenting Facebook group and receive your certificate of completion.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling to embark on your Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey, you will have access to the course modules for six months and attend speakers' presentations for six months. Since we know circumstances can come up in life, if you need access to the course for a longer period, you may send an email to [email protected] and request an extension.
May I attend group coaching and guest speakers' presentations after I've finished the modules on this journey and received my Certificate of Completion?
All kids are different, so these group coaching sessions are designed to troubleshoot situations as well as practice the tools you're learning with other parents. Your tuition includes six weekly live group coaching meetings. Recordings of the coaching meetings are posted in the Brain Stages Private group on Facebook, and you will have access to the private group for as long as you'd like. If you want to engage in additional group coaching, or you would like individual coaching, you may purchase specially priced packages of sessions for alumni who have completed their Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey.
May I continue to participate in the Brain Stages Parenting private Facebook community after I finish my Parent Empowerment Journey?
Yes! Once you embark on this journey, you become a member of our supportive online community for life (or for as long as you choose)! This will be your community of parents and professionals who have experienced the Brain Stages journey—to share with, ask questions, and continue to support one another in helping the children in our lives to become their best selves.
What if I'm not happy with the course?
After you've attended your first group coaching session and gone through the first module, if you think the Brain Stages Parent Empowerment Journey isn't for you, you may request a refund. You will receive the amount you paid for the entire course if you paid in full or your first month if you opted for the monthly payment plan.

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